The Easter Tree

I sent the story below to friends and family in an e-mail a couple of years ago. This has now become an annual tradition at our house…Everyone should have an Easter Tree!

When my wife first dragged the Christmas tree back into the yard from the curb, I asked, “Why?”

 “I’ve got a project in mind,” she said.

I let it go… but I complained again after it laid there for a few days. Then I decided to move it to the backyard…at least it would be out of sight. I asked a few more times, but she was vague, so I dropped it again, after teasing her of course. What could she possibly do with a dead Christmas tree that would look like

A month or two later, when the weather broke, I saw her hacking the limbs off with a shovel. Still puzzled, I offered to help (but I didn’t really mean it). When she said, “No thanks”, I was relieved, but I brought her a good saw to make it easier. What kind of husband do you think I am anyway? Of course I teased her some more when the limbless trunk leaned against the house for a few more weeks.

Then there was the dead limb she dragged out of the back yard. I threw it in the brush pile in the backyard to be burned, but she said, “I need that for my project”. Of course I retrieved it, but not without grumbling, and then some more teasing… Some project… a dead tree trunk and a limb.

I should know by now, when things like this happen, I’m always the one who ends up looking silly. How could I know that it was a reminder for our family…especially our four year old granddaughter.

Who would think of this way to teach a four year old that the happiest day her four young years had known, Christmas, would soon turn into Easter?

How do you get past the presents and the Easter baskets to tell her what this is all about?

How do you tell her that the birth of a baby boy led to an agonizing death….all for us! And then a resurrection!  A love so great, that we can live with Him forever! How can you explain that?

Why, you do what a four year old would do…draw her a picture!
The pictures above were taken Friday, before Easter. Little did I know when I walked outside this morning I would see she wasn’t finished…neither was He!  Aren’t you glad?
He is Risen!

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